Lyons Dairy Bare.

fast -fresh -local - YUM

glacier home made - traditional soft serve 

and the best burgers in town!

Welcome to the Lyons Dairy Bar where we  make the fastest, best burger in town!  We start with only the freshest ingredients, many hand picked from our local St. Vrain Market,  and cook your burger to order.  Be sure to savor our famous Reubens and Philly Cheese Steaks, grilled to perfection and served with the traditional flavors of these East Coast favorites.

And try our fresh cut, double fried fries with a soda, fresh brewed ice tea or lemonade.  OR wash it all down with one of our Salted Caramel Vanilla shakes!

At the Lyons Dairy Bar, we conserve, compost and recycle.  All our food wrappings, containers and utensils are compostable, please deposit them in our compost bins.  At the Dairy Bar, we define trash as "anything you brought", as everything that goes out our window is compostable!